Girl meets Dress.

I always felt out of place, but I was really out of date.

I was raised by an antique loving Mother and a sharp dressing Father, so I suppose the result is only natural. My Mother infused my childhood with old books, TCM, depression ware, and a general reverence for the past, while my Dad built in me an appreciation for Andy Griffith, tailoring and military details.

My adventure dealing in vintage clothing began in August of 2011 in order to rescue dusty garments from attics and give them a new lease on life. My main goal from the get-go was the same as it is today: to get these beautifully crafted pieces into the closets of people who will love and wear them again! By finding and selling these unique garments, a little bit of the class and quality of yesterday can be had by all who desire it. I strongly resonate with valuable, yet dusty things-- that blend of beauty and imperfection speaks to my heart and reminds me why I so love working with vintage clothing-- Authentic stories and real people. This love of authentic and beautiful clothing has also led me to occasionally carry select handmade, fair trade, US made or upcycled items that fit the Novel Nellie aesthetic as well.

On an average day, you could find me painting, writing, pondering the inner workings of humans, talking to God, or twirling around my living room in newly-found dusty dresses (don't worry, I wash them after that!).

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